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National Teaching School

Prince Bishops Community Primary School was designated a National Support School and a Teaching School in 2013. Together with Etherley Lane Nursery, we are the lead school for 'Durham Teaching School Alliance'.


Teaching Schools are a new designation of schools and are a key part of the government’s commitment and drive to raise standards in schools by allowing outstanding schools to develop and disseminate excellent practice. Teaching schools provide training and development for new and experienced teachers and leaders.


Teaching schools are among the best schools in the country. They are outstanding in all areas of teaching and learning and leadership and management. They have a track record of working with other schools and providers to raise standards for children and young people beyond their own school.


Prince Bishops and Durham Teaching School Alliance serves a wide geographical area working with, and supporting schools, from all phases. It was the first primary teaching school in County Durham and the alliance now includes 32 schools across the region. Our headteacher, Lynn George, is a National Leader of Education and our Head of School, Kelly Ann Lee is a Specialist Leader of Education. We have four lead teachers and two lead practitioners on the staff. All staff are involved in training teachers and in supporting other schools.


Teaching Schools have six key roles, known as the 'Big 6'. These are to:


  1. Teacher Training (ITT)
  2. Provide school to school support
  3. Identify and develop leadership potential
  4. Provide professional development for school staff
  5. Designate and broker Specialist Leaders in Education
  6. Engage in research and development


To find out more about Prince Bishops' work as a Teaching School, please follow this link: