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School Improvement Plan



Prince Bishops is a successful school where children, from their different starting points, make substantial and sustained progress. In England, 53% of pupils leave primary school having met the national standard in reading, writing and mathematics, compared to 79% of pupils here at Prince Bishops. Children leave our school exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education.


However, we focus on consistently improving outcomes for all pupils. We are uncompromising in our ambition for all pupils to achieve highly and have the opportunity in life to fulfil their potential.


In 2016/17, the school aims to further develop provision leading to improvements in:


  • the achievement of disadvantaged children in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling in Key Stage 2.
  • the proportion of children achieving the higher standards in Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2.
  • the achievement of boys in Reading across the school.
  • the proportion of children working at greater depth in Reading at the end of Key Stage 1.
  • the proportion of girls meeting the expected standard in phonics in Year 1.
  • the achievement of disadvantaged children in the Early Years.
  • the proportion of children  demonstrating an excellent level of development at the end of Reception.