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International Week!

International Week!


We have been learning about countries all around the world. 

On Wednesday 15th June we welcomed a Caribbean inspired Steel Pan Band to our school. We all enjoyed a performance in the hall before each class in Key Stage 2 learnt how to play the different types of Steel Pans. 

During the day the classes took part in different activities to learn about the Caribbean. Some of the classes did some Caribbean art while others tried some new tropical fruits. 

At the end of the day, the whole school listened to each class as they showed what they had learnt about playing the Steel Pans. 

Here you will find pictures, sound clips and information about the day, as well as about the work each class has done around their chosen country. 

Class 1F have learnt about India, Class 1S have learnt about Mexico, Class 2MJ have learnt about Brazil, Class 2F have learnt about Spain, Class 2K have learnt about New Zealand and Class 2N have learnt about the USA. 

We hope you enjoy finding out what we have been up to! 

International Audio File