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January Return to School Letter

Dear Parents and Carers, 


We are writing to tell you that the school will be closed to most children tomorrow, 5th January. This is because a significant number of staff believe there is serious and imminent danger to the health and safety of the school community due to the increased risk of COVID-19 and have, therefore, invoked their employment right to not work in these conditions. The National Education Union has advised its members to return to whole class face to face teaching once SAGE is satisfied that the R rate has decreased, scientific advice has been produced on safety measures required to make schools more “Covid secure”, risk assessments have been updated and any necessary further safety measures implemented. We are working towards all children returning to school on January 18th but this will be reviewed and confirmed when we have the relevant up to date information.


The school will be open to the children of key workers and vulnerable children. If you feel that your child is in one of these categories and want them to attend, please contact the school as a matter of urgency by emailing before 3pm today in order to attend on Tuesday. We need to know who will be in school in order to make it safe so please do not send your child to school tomorrow without prior arrangement.


We may be able to accommodate a small number of children at before and after school club for the children of key workers and vulnerable children. However, this is not guaranteed and so if you do have access to alternative arrangements, please make them. 


Staff will continue to provide remote learning and this will mirror what children would have done had they been in school. Teachers will be sending you an email for your child tomorrow and arranging online sessions using the email address we have on record. If you have changed your email address recently or you do not receive an email, please contact us. If you do not have access to a device in order to access the remote learning, also please contact us. If your child does not have the resources to do their work at home, we can provide it. Every class teacher will be in touch with arrangements.


We are desperately sorry that it has come to this. We are extremely worried about the impact this will have on your child and the difficulties it may pose for your family. However, we do support the staff who feel that the safety of them, your child and all our families at home must come first. Please be assured that this situation creates a huge increase in workload, difficulty and stress for them. Teachers and other staff would definitely not choose to be in this position so we thank you on their behalf for the overwhelming messages of support the school has received.


To help towards a full reopening, we appeal to you again to do everything you can to minimise the risk of transmission in the community. We hear of families who do not self-isolate appropriately when they should, do not socially distance and we even hear of children and parents attending parties. This is so upsetting when most people are making such sacrifices and working so hard to get back to normality. Please help us.


We will endeavour to keep you informed and will be in touch when we have any further information.


Kind regards,


Mrs. L. George                       Mrs. A. Johnson

Headteacher                          Chair of Governors