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Picture 1 Mrs L George, Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs J Burrup, School Business Manager
Picture 3 Miss C Patchett, Deputy Headteacher & Y5 Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs E Coxon, Assistant Headteacher & Y6 Teacher
Picture 5 Miss N Richardson, Lower Team Lead & Y2 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs S Meronuik, Early Years Lead & Nursery Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs J Fernandes, Reception Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs R Myers, Y1 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs F Ward, Y1 Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs T Freeman, Y4 Teacher
Picture 11 Mrs A Jones, Specialist PE Teacher
Picture 12 Miss L Winter, Learning Mentor
Picture 13 Mr M Boyes, Learning Mentor
Picture 14 Mrs E Stewart, Y3 Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs C Spensley, Reception Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs N Dames, Y1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs J Williams, Y2 Teaching Assistant HLTA status
Picture 18 Miss C Dawson, Y5 Teaching Assistant & HLTA
Picture 19 Mrs C Cummings, TA & Out of School Club Manager
Picture 20 Mrs D Robson, Y5 Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs J Errington, Reception Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Miss K Gales, Y3 Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Miss L Taylor, Y4 Teaching Assistant (HLTA status)
Picture 24 Administration - Mrs J Eilbeck
Picture 25 Administration - Mrs A Banks
Picture 26 Administration (Apprentice) Miss J Ditchburn
Picture 27 Mr D Readman, Attendance and Welfare Officer
Picture 28 Mr J Sonnenfeld, Teaching School Manager
Picture 29 Mrs D Brown, Out of School Assistant/Lunch Co-ord.
Picture 30 Mrs D Craggs, Cook and Out of School Assistant
Picture 31 Mr B Lee,
Picture 32 Mrs G Hill, Cleaning Operative
Picture 33 Mrs F Hannar, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Picture 34 Mrs L Watson, Lunch Asst/Crossing Patrol/Cleaner
Picture 35 Mrs M McMeakin, Lunchtime Supervisory Asst/Cleaner
Picture 36 Miss S Place, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant