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Picture 1 Mrs L George, Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs KA Lee, Head of School
Picture 3 Mrs J Burrup, School Business Manager
Picture 4 Miss C Prest, Asistant Heateacher & Y6 Teacher
Picture 5 Miss E Coxon, Lower Team Leader and Y2 Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs S Meronuik, Early Years Lead & Nursery Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs J Fernandes, Reception Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs R Myers, Y1 Teacher
Picture 9 Miss N Richardson, Y3 Teacher
Picture 10 Mrs T Freeman, Y4 Teacher
Picture 11 Miss Balentine, Y5 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs F Ward, Specialist Music Teacher
Picture 13 Mrs A Jones, Specialist PE Teacher
Picture 14 Miss L Winter, Learning Mentor
Picture 15 Mr M Boyes, Learning Mentor
Picture 16 Mrs D Atkinson, Teaching Assistant 2 Year Old Lead
Picture 17 Mrs E Strewart, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs J Malcolm, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Mrs C Spensley, Reception Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Mrs N Dames, Y1 Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs Williams, Y2 Teaching Assistant (HLTA status)
Picture 22 Miss C Dawson, Y3 Teaching Assistant & HLTA
Picture 23 Mrs C Cummings, TA & Out of School Club Manager
Picture 24 Mrs D Robson, Y4 Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Mrs J Mason, Y5 Teaching Assistant (HLTA status)
Picture 26 Miss K Gales, Y6 Teaching Assistant
Picture 27 Miss L Taylor, Y6 Teaching Assistant (HLTA status)
Picture 28 Mrs Bell, Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Picture 29 Miss Gardener, Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Picture 30 Miss Taylorson, Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Picture 31 Mr Hutchinson, Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Picture 32 Administration - Mrs J Eilbeck
Picture 33 Administration - Mrs A Banks
Picture 34 Administration - Mrs K Hope
Picture 35 Mr D Readman, Attendance and Welfare Officer
Picture 36 Mr J Sonnenfeld, Teaching School Manager
Picture 37 Mrs D Brown, Out of School Assistant/Lunch Co-ord.
Picture 38 Mrs D Craggs, Cook and Out of School Assistant
Picture 39 Mr J Fieldson, Caretaker
Picture 40 Mrs G Hill, Cleaning Operative
Picture 41 Mrs F Hannar, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Picture 42 Mrs L Watson, Lunch Asst/Crossing Patrol/Cleaner
Picture 43 Mrs L Maddison, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Picture 44 Mrs M McMeakin, Lunchtime Supervisory Asst/Cleaner
Picture 45 Miss S Place, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant