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Teaching Staff


*Leadership Team


*Mrs. L. George Headteacher
*Mrs. C. Patchett Deputy Headteacher and Y5 Teacher
*Miss. N. Richardson Assistant Headteacher and Y6 Teacher
*Mrs. S. Meroniuk Early Years Leader and Nursery Teacher
Mrs. J. Fernandes Reception Teacher
Mrs. R. Myers Year 1 Teacher
Mrs. F. Ward Year 1 Teacher
Mrs. S. Paxton Year 2 Teacher
Mr. A. Randall Year 3 Teacher
Mrs. T. Freeman Year 4 Teacher
Mrs. A. Jones PE Teacher


Support Staff


Miss. C. Taylor                Nursery Teaching Assistant (HLTA Status)
Mrs. A. Norris Nursery Teaching Assistant (HLTA Status)
Mrs. K. O'Neil Nursery Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Mrs. C. Spensley Reception Teaching Assistant
Miss. F. Hodgson Reception Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Mrs. D. Robson Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Williams Year 2 Teaching Assistant (HLTA Status)
Miss. K. Gayles Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs. J. Errington Year 4 Teaching Assistant (HLTA Status)
Mrs. E. Stewart Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs. C. McKay Year 5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss. L. Taylor Year 6 Teaching Assistant (HLTA Status)
Mrs. N Dames Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs. C. Cummings Whole School Teaching Assistant
Mr. M. Boyes Learning Mentor
Mrs. L. Winter Learning Mentor
Mr. D. Readman Educational Welfare Officer


Administration Staff


*Mrs. J. Burrup School Business Manager
Mrs. J. Eilbeck Business Administration Assistant
Mrs. A. Banks Business Administration Assistant
Miss. J. Ditchburn            Apprentice Business Administration Assistant


Before and After School Clubs


Mrs. C. Cummings Co-ordinator
Mrs. D. Brown Assistant
Miss. S. Place Assistant


Supervisory Staff


Mrs. D. Brown Lunchtime Co-ordinator
Mrs. L. Watson Lunchtime Supervisor and Crossing Patrol
Mrs. F. Hannah Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. K. Luck Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. S. Place Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs. M. McMeakin     Lunchtime Supervisor


Kitchen Staff


Mrs. O. Craggs School Cook
Mrs. L. Robinson Catering Assistant
Mrs. K. McDonnell Catering Assistant                                          


School Site Staff


Mrs. K. McDonnell Caretaker                                                            
Mr. B. Lee Caretaker
Mrs. L. Watson Cleaner
Mrs. M. McMeakin Cleaner
Mrs. G. Hill Cleaner