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The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation. 

At Prince Bishops Primary School, we recognise the importance of promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. To empower our children to be able to regulate their emotions, we have implemented the Zones of Regulation curriculum. We aim to teach our pupils to identify emotions in themselves and provide them with bank of strategies to regulate their emotions and improve their wellbeing.


Two parent guides are attached below which explain this further and may help children to self-regulate their emotions at home.

Mental Health & Emotional Support information across County Durham.

A child's mental health will be influenced by many things over time and, because they all have different personalities, they will react and cope with challenging situations in different ways. Whilst we are empowering children by using the Zones of Regulation across school, it is also important to know what local and national support is available for mental health.

The document below shows a list of local and national mental health support available for children, young people and families.

Please don't forget, Prince Bishops Primary School and your GP are also available to help.