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Vision and Values

When the school opened in 2006, the pupils, parents, staff and governors were asked what their vision for the new school was. Everyone's ideas were brought together to create this vision statement:


Our Collective Vision for Prince Bishops Community Primary School


Our school is a centre of excellence that has a deserved strong reputation. It is a school where pupils, parents, staff and the wider school community all achieve their personal potential. All needs are met, irrespective of background, gender, race, religion or ability, so that the whole child is developed and talent is nurtured. The school is a bright, welcoming, lively and creative place full of enthusiastic and confident people. Learners are engaged and motivated because staff are innovative and creative, and provide experiences that are stimulating and relevant. Learners are happy, safe, well cared for and feel secure. As a result, they love coming to school. Children are well prepared for the future and have the skills to achieve economic well being and make a positive contribution to society when they leave. School is the hub of the community; its users are proud of it and truly believe they can succeed. This success is celebrated at every opportunity so that everyone values themselves and the organisation highly.


Fifteen years on, each sentence resonates with us all and we stand by what we wanted then and still want our school to be today.


At Prince Bishops, staff and governors aim to create an environment where all children are valued and are encouraged to reach for their maximum potential in all areas of school life.
Our aim is to help our children develop:
  • knowledge, experience and skills relevant to their adult life,
  • imaginative enquiring minds with the capacity for enjoyment,
  • understanding of the world in which they live,
  • awareness and tolerance of moral and religious values and sensitivity towards others regardless of culture, gender, age or class or personal discipline,
  • an appreciation of other people's achievements,
  • open and honest relationships


The happy environment of our school enables children to progress to the next phase in their life as active participants in society, capable of achieving as much independence as possible.