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2P: 2012-2013

Into the Wild!

We continue with our geographical theme after our exciting trip to High Force! Our aim is to develop the outside area for wildlife, plants and learning and use the summer weather to get out into the great outdoors.

Extra Numeracy and Literacy work

I have given some links to some excellent Phonics and Numeracy sites below which cover basic number facts as well as letters & sounds and punctuation. I will also given out the handwriting scheme to those who would like to practise at home. 

If you send a USB flash drive in to school with your child, I can put the mental maths games we use in class on it for them.

Reading, Spelling and Homework:

I recommend that the children read with an adult 2-3 times per week, and as much as they can independently. If children could spend 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a week would practising spellings, it would serve them well for their tests on Mondays. 

This term, homework will be set on a Monday and due back for Friday in order that I can mark it, record the points and hand it back out for the following week. We will still be using a grid so children are free to research whatever they wish but they must now complete a specific task. I have chosen this method so that it is no longer possible to 'opt out' of the homework.