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Examples of Geography in Action at Prince Bishops

Using Map Skills.

Each year group used map skills to find clues hidden on our school grounds. Some year groups used aerial photographs, others compass directions and  some used grid references. When they found the clues, there were questions recapping  previous geography learning  to answer.

Visit from OASES (Outdoor and Sustainability Education Specialists)


Josh from OASES visited school to discuss climate change. 

The children learned about greenhouse gases, different sources of power and local solutions. The children know that they can make small changes and that these changes can make a huge impact.

Nursery went on a 'Bear Hunt' field trip.


Our two year olds visited Etherley Lane Nursery's Forest School for some woodland learning. They explored all areas of the outdoor area by going on a bear hunt through the squelchy mood, splashy river and the swishy grass!



We've been looking at different ways to present information in our Geography books after looking at what they do at secondary schools! We're very proud of our work.

Reception class creating maps.

Our Reception children read 'What the Ladybird Heard' before drawing, building and describing a map. They used geographical vocabulary to describe the position of features on their map.

Digimaps in Year 3 and 4.

To learn about the United Kingdom we have the online mapping resource Digimaps. Digimaps provides access to a range of current and historical Ordnance Survey maps and aerial photographs.


Map making and exploring the weather in nursery.

Our two year old children read 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. As they listened to the story, they explored a weather box and felt the deep cold river and the long wavy grass.


The older nursery children listened to 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' They made maps for Goldilocks to find her way home and discussed the features on the map such as, bridges, trees and roads.

Year 1 visit Coundon Grange Church.

Our Year 1 class visited the local church. Before they left, they had to plan their route and follow a map to get there.

Our Camping Experience.

Years 4-6 had an incredible experience camping on our school field. 

They developed an understanding of the distribution of different materials, used fieldwork to observe the environment, learned about survival techniques AND had a camp fire, sang funny songs and ate marshmallows!

Children's Voices in Climate Change Consultation.

Our School Council worked with Durham County Council to address some key issues surrounding climate change. They spoke about  pollution, being Eco smart and the impact humans have on our environment.