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How we learn...: 2010-2011

We learn in lots of different ways in Year 2. 

We do a lot of writing in our books which you will see examples of in our Star Writing and Numeracy Stars sections. 

We also make sure that learning is varied in exciting and fun lessons and activities such as: 
  • Practical ways of learning our numbers and place value
  • Using sounds cards to segment and blend for reading and writing
  • Deciding between real and pretend words to help with our spelling
  • Finishing sentences using interesting vocabulary and connectives on large and individual whiteboards
  • Carrying out science investigations such as investigating forces by playing Victorian games, studying how cars move differently on different ramps, and working out how to light a bulb in an electrical circuit
  • Doing cookery in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and friendship group activities
  • Measuring our playground objects using standard units on a ruler, as well as hand spans and straws
  • Making hand puppets and much, much more!

Have a look at our pictures to see some of the exciting ways we learn in Class 2 every single day!