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KS2 Knowledge and Skills Progression

KS1 Storytime

Children in Years 1 and 2 very much enjoyed listening and responding to a story in French about a giraffe and an elephant who wished they looked more like each other. 



After joining in with the story, the children in Year 2 were inspired to create their own mixed up animals and labelled them using language from the book. 




Whole School - European Day of Languages

We celebrated the European Day of Languages with our annual Eurovision @ PB competition. Each class in KS1 and KS2 chose and learnt a song in another language to perform to the rest of the school. This year, we had entries in Spanish, German, French and Moroccan Arabic. We were particularly impressed by Year One who learnt how to say hello in 15 different languages! However, the judges cast their deciding votes and crowned Year 2 as the Eurovision champions of 2023. 

Meanwhile, in EYFS, we were joined by Lisa from Lingotots who helped us learn some French words, sing some French songs and listen to a French story.  Afterwards, we ate croissants, cheese and grapes. 




KS2 - Constructing Sentences

Year 4 have been applying their growing vocabulary and understanding of French grammar to create more sentences of their own. This time, they were describing ways they like to keep fit...




North East Festival of Languages

To participate this year, children throughout Key Stage 2 were challenged to consider why it is so important to learn other languages. After compiling the many reasons, they selected the ones they felt were most important and created their own posters to educate others. The posters have been entered into The North East Festival of Languages competition throughout County Durham and we are keenly awaiting the results...



KS1 - Storytelling

Year One and Year Two enjoyed a visit from Mrs Myers who shared a story with them in French. The children were able to use clues from actions, pictures, context and simple familiar language to deduce what was happening in the story.





KS2 - Phonic Knowledge and Sound Pronunciation

Every KS2 class has the key phonemes from our French curriculum displayed in their classroom. Each week, any new language is added and children are able to practise their pronunciation and spot patterns in sounds and letter strings. Children also have individual sound books to which they can add new language.





Year 6 - Building Sentences and Developing Grammatical Agreement

After recalling key language from units in previous years, children applied their understanding to build sentences which described people.




KS2 - Grammatical Agreement

Within the context of food and drink, the children have explored whether words are masculine or feminine and singular or plural. They have discussed the use of different determiners to indicate this and looked at how the spelling of nouns changes depending upon these factors. They have applied these skills in order to describe whether foods and drinks are good or bad for your health.





KS2 - French Working Wall

Our Year Fours have been exploring how to combine new language from their French Working Wall to build sentences about the weather and how they travel to different places.


They have also been using songs and games to remember the order of the days of the week.




KS2 - Numbers

In addition to learning how to respond to basic French greetings, children have also enjoyed singing songs and playing games to develop their recall of numbers 1 to 10. 






Whole School - European Day of Languages

To celebrate the European Day of Languages, we held our annual Eurovision Song Contest at Prince Bishops for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Each class chose their own song to perform in another language for the rest of the school.  Adults scored points for each performance and the class with the most points were crowned the champions and were awarded the title of "PB Eurovision Champions" for the year. The champions for 2022 are Year One and Year Two who tied in first place!

Not to be outdone, our fabulous Reception class immersed themselves in French language, games and activities all morning during a visit from Lingotots.




Upper KS2 Extra-Curricular Languages Club

The competition in Years 5 and 6 is hotting up as the children race against each other to score the most points by successfully completing  French tasks using the Duolingo app in our Languages Club! Because they have access to the app at home too, there is no stopping some of our linguists!



KS2 - Reviewing Previous Learning

Our Year 5 children have enjoyed taking part in games and quizzes to review their previous learning from Years 3 and 4. They recalled days of the week and months of the year, using songs as a memory aid to sequence them correctly; they could make links between the spelling and pronunciation of numbers to 10 and numbers to 20; and they explored their recall of colour words.



KS2 - Exploring Patterns and Sounds in Words

Our Year 4 children have been reviewing previously taught vocabulary, in order to identify patterns and sounds in familiar words. They have been using this knowledge to group words and aid with their developing pronunciation skills.



KS2 - Learning New Language

Our Year 3 children have been learning how to talk about their favourite playground games in French.




Our children from Nursery and Reception spent a wonderful day with Joanna from Lingotots, immersing themselves in the French language.



Eurovision Song Contest

To celebrate the European Day of Languages this year, every class was set the challenge of learning a song in a different language, which they would then perform in "The Prince Bishops Eurovision Song Contest." We were fortunate enough for this to coincide with the visit from our partner teachers in Zimbabwe, who agreed to be our judges for the event. They were overwhelmed by the talents of all of our pupils but they voted for the lucky winners to be Year One, who claimed the trophy with glee!