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Languages in Action at Prince Bishops




Year 5 - Reviewing Previous Learning

Our Year 5 children have enjoyed taking part in games and quizzes to review their previous learning from Years 3 and 4. They recalled days of the week and months of the year, using songs as a memory aid to sequence them correctly; they could make links between the spelling and pronunciation of numbers to 10 and numbers to 20; and they explored their recall of colour words.



Year 4 - Exploring Patterns and Sounds in Words

Our Year 4 children have been reviewing previously taught vocabulary, in order to identify patterns and sounds in familiar words. They have been using this knowledge to group words and aid with their developing pronunciation skills.



Year 3 - Learning New Language

Our Year 3 children have been learning how to talk about their favourite playground games in French.




Our children from Nursery and Reception spent a wonderful day with Joanna from Lingotots, immersing themselves in the French language.



Eurovision Song Contest

To celebrate the European Day of Languages this year, every class was set the challenge of learning a song in a different language, which they would then perform in "The Prince Bishops Eurovision Song Contest." We were fortunate enough for this to coincide with the visit from our partner teachers in Zimbabwe, who agreed to be our judges for the event. They were overwhelmed by the talents of all of our pupils but they voted for the lucky winners to be Year One, who claimed the trophy with glee!