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Attendance Letters

You child will bring home a letter to let you know what their attendance was last term and how many lessons they missed.


If your letter had a red border, this is because your child missed more than 10% of the term, making them a 'persistent absentee'. This is a significant amount of learning lost. However, there is time to do something about it. Make sure your child attends school every day for the rest of the year and they will have the best chance of catching up.


If your letter had an orange border, it is because your child's attendance is below average and they are in danger of becoming a persistent absentee. They may have had a period of absence due to illness last term. However, if they can get to school every day this term, their attendance figure will shoot up!


If your letter has a green border - THANK YOU! Your child's attendance is above average and they have the very best chance of achieving as highly as possible. 


If you are experiencing any difficulties in getting your child to school, please get in touch. We will do everything we can to help.