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Good Morning

Good Morning! ☀️
Today, there will be a new selection of work added to the class pages section of the website.

Our Maths is still following the White Rose Maths Hub scheme which we follow in school; you’ll see the link on the class pages.

For English for Years 2-6, we have added links to BBC Bitesize where they will begin daily lessons. These will be supported by videos on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button for each year group.
Teachers have explored the content themselves and are confident our children will learn and consolidate previous learning with these lessons.

For Year 1, if you complete the daily phonics, reading and writing activities, your child will continue to make excellent progress and should not need to complete any further activities to keep them on track.

However, if you would like to provide some additional, optional challenge for your child, you could access the daily Y1 English activities on the BBC Bitesize link below. If you choose to do these activities, please do them in addition to the phonics and reading tasks above, rather than instead of them.

For nursery, the activity grid is linked to a wonderful story read by Miss Taylor. Take a look on the 2 year old class page and enjoy.

Each year group also has a grid where children can select activities.
The BBC are also including science and foundation subjects. These are not aligned perfectly with Prince Bishops’ curriculum for example, you’ll find Year 5’s first lesson is about Egyptians whereas we do this topic in Year 3. However it’s always worthwhile children recapping their knowledge and it’s super interesting so why not give them a go if you’re looking for an extra challenge 😁

Finally, we posted on Friday about well- being and mental health being of utmost importance. If you or your child are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of homeschooling, step away, take a break and return to it later.
We’re all in this together and always available to chat if you need support 💚…