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Indoor Challenges

Indoor challenges – how many of these can you complete?

🏠 Read a book in the most unusual place you can think of.
🏠 Write your own rap/song.
🏠 Build the highest tower you can out of household items.
🏠 Create an obstacle course in your garden.
🏠 Draw a picture whilst blindfolded. Does it look like what you set out to draw?
🏠 Build a den that can fit two people.
🏠 Dress someone in the craziest outfit you can find.
🏠 Create a video message for your friends.
🏠 Learn a new dance.
🏠 Make a fitness routine and put your family through their paces.
🏠 Order your books alphabetically.
🏠 Have a game of noughts and crosses.
🏠 Tell your family your favourite joke.
🏠 Set up your own indoor bowling alley.
🏠 Make a musical instrument out of household objects.

We would love to see your photos and videos of what you are doing at home.