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Sad News

As we’re sure many of you know, Lennox Railton-Craggs sadly passed away yesterday.

Lennox was a joy. He was such a happy boy who always had a smile for staff and other children. He loved playing with the dinosaurs and in the water but his favourite thing to do was to play outside. He was an amazing friend and could be often seen holding another child’s hand and he would go an get a tissue for anyone who was upset. We’re absolutely heartbroken by the news. Lennox will be hugely missed by all of the staff at school, especially those who were privileged enough to teach and support him.

Naturally we have spoken to Lennox’s family and as always, will do what we can to support them through the unimaginable pain they are going through.

As so many children had heard the news before they came to school today, we have spoken to them about bereavement, and we are providing support for them.

This is Lennox with a model robot he had made in nursery. He was very proud of it and rightly so. This is how we will always remember him.