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Sports Day - Friday 23rd June 2017 (Weather Permitting)

Due to the success of the last few years it has been decided to run Sports Day in a similar way this year. 

The day will be split into 2 halves as follows:

Morning - Y1 - Y5 only - ALL activities will begin at 9.15am and finish at approx. 10.30am - these will be a demonstration of some of the sports our children  have been experiencing this year.  You are welcome to come and watch your child then choose to go to a different activity.

If you have children in Y1 or Y2 we would advise you come and watch them first as this will probably be the first activity to finish.


Hall - Y1 Dance followed by Y2 Gymnastics

Muga - Y5 Netball

Yard - Y3 Tennis

Field - Y4 Cricket


Y6 - Umpires and Officials - The Y6 Sports Leaders will be taking on the role of umpires/officials as part of their Sports Leaders duties while other Y6 children will be available to show parents where their children are performing.


Afternoon - Reception - Year 6 - 12.45pm - 3.15pm (approx.)


As usual there will be a carousel of activities and parents are invited to follow their child from one activity to another.


The last event will again be a competitive 60M race for all classes - the whole school and all parents can watch.

This will result in  the top 3 of each final race being presented with a GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE medal.