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ZOOM Information

The teachers are very excited to see all their children soon! You can click on the link provided and it will take you straight to the meeting. Or, if you have downloaded the app, you can use the meeting ID and password to join. Here are all the details you need:



Browser Link:

App Meeting ID: 791 6078 5013  Password: 6LXxqP



Browser Link:

App Meeting ID: 941 8214 7203  Password: 0Wtbbu


Year 1

Browser Link:

App Meeting ID: 571 266 2135  Password: 4Vbkae

Year 2

Browser Link:

App Meeting ID: 981 1384 3862  Password: 7aGr2w


Year 3

Browser Link:

​App Meeting ID: 717 5217 6008​  Password: 3EErUT​


Year 4

Browser Link:

App Meeting ID: 774 0621 2626  Password: Year4


Year 5

Browser Link:

App Meeting ID: 73675872789  Password: 3wMirg


Year 6

Browser Link: Zoom link: App Meeting ID: 988 0827 7105 Password: 8PqJfK