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Overview of Intent

When we design and review our curriculum, we look to answer; what do we teach, when do we teach it and why? Our curriculum needs to address our values, aims and purposes and we seek to meet the needs and interests of our children through a broad, balanced, relevant and engaging curriculum. Crucially, children must be able to recall the most important aspects of our curriculum in the long term.



For children to leave Prince Bishops as happy, confident children who make a positive contribution to their local, national and international community and who are exceptionally well prepared for the next phase in their education.



Education at Prince Bishops is a route to:

  • equality of opportunity
  • personal and social well being
  • valuing ourselves, our families and other relationships, the diversity in our society and the environment in which we live
  • a commitment to the virtues of truth, justice, honesty and trust
  • future economic well being
  • being prepared for economic, social, cultural and technological change



What we teach will reflect the following four priorities:


Basic Skills

In order for our children to be socially mobile and achieve equality of opportunity, standards of Literacy, Numeracy and Computing  need to be at least in line with other children nationally. Our children need to be able to communicate effectively and confidently with people from a range of backgrounds and work effectively with others.


Personal Development

Our children need a range of life experiences. They need to be able to solve problems, be resilient and able to adapt. They need to be aware of their strengths, be confident and have high self-esteem whilst also demonstrating empathy and kindness towards others. Children need to be physically fit and have a healthy lifestyle. Children need enthusiastic attitudes towards learning, a thirst for knowledge and creativity.


Social Development

Our children need to develop tolerance and have empathy for others. They need to value differences and demonstrate kindness. They need to be able to form healthy relationships and work effectively and productively in a team.



Underpinning basic skills, our children need to acquire knowledge of literature, mathematics, science and technology. Children also need to have knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. This includes local, national and international knowledge of geography, history, art, culture and current affairs. Our children need to know about career options and know what they need to do to be successful and realise their ambitions.



When designing our curriculum, the staff at Prince Bishops Primary School have ensured that:

  • we comply with our statutory duty to teach the National Curriculum.
  • additional aspects aim to meet the specific needs of our learners.
  • the content and context for learning is relevant and engaging.
  • cultural capital is developed through memorable experiences, vocabulary extension and links between subjects.
  • due regard has been given to Cognitive Load Theory; we have sequenced learning so that it builds on prior knowledge and contributes towards long term retention.
  • children have regular opportunities to revisit, revise and recall the most important aspects of our curriculum.
  • children with SEND have the same learning objectives but will be provided with the appropriate support to achieve them. Teachers will adapt teaching strategies and aids so that children are able to be successful but also develop their fluency and independence.
  • Children with other barriers to their learning (e.g attendance) are supported and given opportunities to catch up through revisiting, revising and addressing gaps.


In this section of our website, there are class pages that contain the curriculum maps for that particular year group and also pages that give a whole school overview in each subject. These plans are flexible. We are committed to responding to the needs of our children and, within the demands of the National Curriculum, teachers will consult with subject leaders and they have the professional discretion to adapt their plans if necessary. In order for children to gain a growing understanding of the world in which they live, plans may also be adapted in response to local, national and international events.


Under the 'Subject in Action at Prince Bishops' title, within each subject page, teachers and subject leaders have provided examples of implementation and impact.