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Science in Action at Prince Bishops


The Science Ambassadors did an AMAZING job of showcasing lots of science experiments from chromatography to making balloon skewers! 
Science Ambassadors from Y3, Y4 and Y5 really enjoyed attending Science Ambassador Training. The children did lots of interesting experiments and worked with children from secondary schools to learn all about how to be a fantastic Science Ambassador.
Before the holidays, we had a special Science assembly where Mrs Cope said she was looking for two children from each class to fulfil the very important job of being a Science Ambassador for Prince Bishops. As a Science Ambassador you will have to...
Lots of children were very interested in the role of being a Science Ambassador. The Science Ambassadors will be announced after the half-term holidays and they will have to complete their first job in the role next week - Science Ambassador Training. 

Science in Nursery - exploring changes!

Exploring Light in Reception

Building on this in Year 1 by exploring the properties of materials.

Using this knowledge in Year 3 when learning about how opaque, translucent and transparent materials impact on the shadows formed.

We always recall and revise our prior learning so that we don't forget it and so we can build on it further.

Light in Year 6 - Investigating refraction.

Mr Bowskill from Aggregate Industries enriching our Science curriculum in Year 4.