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Spring Term: 2009-2010

Spring Term


This term the children are going to be finding out about fantasy landscapes. They are studying the Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. They will take inspiration from this story to write stories of their own set in a fantasy land! Watch out for examples of their work!

This term we will be finding out about life in hot and cold places around the world and the children will be writing blogs as if they lived in the Arctic! Just before half term the children will visit the Life Centre in Newcastle and will be sure to take plenty of photographs of their adventures!

After the half term, we are going to be finding out about space exploration and how astronauts survive in space. To kick off our learning we will attend a workshop at the Life Centre to discover the materials space suits are made from, and find out how they help humans to survive in the hostile environments found in space. 

As ever, if you think you have any books, research, photographs or videos which will help in our learning, feel free to send them in with the children!