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Year 2

We are delighted to welcome you to our class page. Here you will find out what the children have been learning in school and see examples of their work. Also on our page there will be: information on the Year 2 curriculum and links to other websites to support your child's learning. We hope you enjoy looking at our page.


Staff in Year 2

Mrs Ward - Class teacher    (Mrs Patchett after October half term)

Mrs MacKay - HLTA

Mrs Jones - PE Teacher

Mrs Cummings - Part time TA




Reading books are changed on different days each week, to link in with their RWI lessons, so please ensure your child brings their reading folder to school DAILY.  

Reading records should be signed each time your child reads at home; once a reading record is complete, your child can come to school the following day in non-uniform and will receive the next colour reading record on our reading rainbow!
P. E. is on a Monday and children should come to school dressed in their (weather appropriate) P.E. kit.

Autumn Term Newsletter



The children have enjoyed using these games to improve their recall of basic skills. The children can use these websites at home, alongside Mathletics and TT Rockstars (logins will be given out once children have settled in) to improve their maths skills.


Number bonds to 10 and 20 -

Number bonds to 10 and 20 -

Place value of numbers to 100 -

Place value of numbers to 100 -

Ordering numbers to 100 -





July 2021 (previous Year 2 class)

Year 2's class book this half-term is the Lonely Beast by Chris Judge. We have LOVED this story and have done lots of drama, art and writing around our book. Here is some of  our work...

Home learning.


Here you will find work for children to complete at home. This section will be updated weekly with a new selection of work then the following Friday any answer sheets will be uploaded to allow children to self-mark.

The home learning grid is designed to give children a choice of topic-based tasks to be completed throughout the week.

If you have any questions, we are available through Facebook messenger and the school's e-mail.

Week 15 Home Learning (w/c 13.07.20)
Week 14 Home Learning (w/c 06.07.20)
Week 13 Home Learning (w/c 29.06.20)
Week 12 Home Learning (w/c  22.06.20)
Week 11 Home Learning (w/c 15.06.20)
Week 10 - answers
Week 10 Home Learning (w/c 08.06.20)
Week 9 - answers
Week 9 Home Learning (w/c 01.06.20)
Week 8 Home Learning (w/c 18.05.20)
Week 7 - answers
Week 7 Home Learning (w/c 11.05.20)
Week 6 - answers
Week 6 Home Learning (w/c 04.05.20)
Week 5 - answers
Week 5 Home Learning  (w/c 27.04.20)
Week 4 - Answers

Week 4 Home Learning (week commencing 20.04.20)

Hello Year 2! Hope you are all okay! I'm sure you have been kept very busy completing all the work I set for you. If you're not quite ready for a break during the Easter holidays, there are lots of activities below to keep you busy. Enjoy your Easter eggs and keep safe! Mrs Cope
In English,  we have been reading different versions of well-known fairy tales. We looked at this version of Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne...
We looked at the vocabulary Anthony Browne used and then chose our favourite lines from the book to retell the story of Hansel and Gretel. We performed our retell in the Reading Assembly.  
We then used our retell to complete written pieces of work for our classroom display...
We also designed our very own maps, showing the way to the witch's candy-covered house! We then used our designs to write directions. Here are some of our designs...
We used a blanket stitch to join two pieces of material and created a hand puppet.  
We met Buddy, a friendly, green speech bubble who believes that children should be able to speak out to someone if they're worried or unhappy. We discussed who we should talk to if we were worried about anything. 


In maths, we have been estimating and measuring using centimetres. 

We followed written instructions to create a superhero stick puppet. 

We made cakes, iced biscuits and chocolate marshmallows before writing our own instructions for people to follow. 

As a class, we made a pact to read every night. We created our own poems in the style of Dr. Seuss.

You may think you know  the story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf  - but only one person knows the real  story. That person is Alexander T. Wolf.  The story begins with a cup of sugar and a sneeze... 
We have already completed some fantastic work around this story. Take a look! 






























































Work by the wonderful Year 2 class of 2017 - 18 

Prince William Award Graduation

We had our Prince William Award Graduation ceremony, where we shared what we have been doing towards our award. It was lovely to see so many people in the audience.

Image result for may

As part of our 'Educate and Celebrate' work, we read the story 'Jamie'. It was based on the story of Cinderella, and we found similarities and differences between Jamie and Cinderella before writing our own endings to the story.

We watched the video for the song  'I Am Me' by Willow Smith, and talked about what makes us all unique and special. We then created word poems to describe ourselves, celebrating our similarities and differences.

'I Am Me' display

I Am Me

Directed by Mike Vargas/ Nuyorktricity

Which material is the best to use to make an umbrella?

We learned about the properties of different materials, and investigated which material would be the best to use to make an umbrella for Teddy. We made predictions, using the words most waterproof and least waterproof. We had lots of fun making observations of the water being poured onto the different materials. We found out that plastic was the best material to use because it is waterproof and light.

Image result for april

Visit to the Winter Gardens

We visited the L.S. Lowry exhibition at the Winter Gardens in Sunderland. We had a fabulous time sketching our favourite Lowry paintings and drawings, and worked as a whole team to create our own Lowry landscape!

Mixing own Lowry colours to paint portraits


We studied this self portrait of L.S. Lowry, and discovered that he only used five colours in his work: black, white, red, yellow and blue. He used these five colours to make all of the other colours he used. We decided to use only these five colours to paint our own self portraits, and had great fun experimenting when making new colours!

Image result for march

British Science Week

As part of our work for British Science Week, one of our Year 6 Science Ambassadors, Brandon, came in to do some science with us. He set us the challenge of inflating a balloon using diet coke and popping candy! It was a lot of fun, and we found out that if you use lots of popping candy and shake the bottle, more gas is given off and so the balloon will inflate more! Amazing!

A Royal Letter!

Wrold Book Day 2018

Image result for aliens love underpants

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we read the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We then had a competition to design our own underpants that we thought the aliens might like. Mrs. George and Mrs. Lee chose a winner, and the winning underpants were by Jeremy. They had trains on them!

We were very excited when Megan brought in this letter from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She wrote to them offering to be their bridesmaid at their wedding in May, and she received a very official letter in return from Kensington Palace!

In English we read and wrote lots of riddles. We learned how to write similes, and began our sentences in lots of different ways. Can you guess which animals these riddles are about?


I have a wet nose like water.

Sometimes I wriggle my tail.

I have soft fur to keep me warm.

I love to play outside.

My claws are as sharp as a sword.

I like crunchy biscuits but I don't like nosy dogs.

What am I?

                                                     by Esme


I have vicious claws like thorns.

My ears are as cool as the wind.

My tail wags when I am happy.

I can fetch a ball as fast as lightning.

I have sharp teeth like a crocodile.

I like meat but I don't like fruit.

What am I?

                                                    by Liam



I have a soft tummy.

My skin is brown like mud.

I have sharp spikes.

Sometimes I have small hands.

I can eat delicious grass or scrumptious plants.

What am I?

                                                     by Robyn





Image result for january

Mr. Swainston joined us and taught our English, Science and topic lessons.


In English we wrote a text explaining how the 'Teacher-Pleaser' machine works. We then invented our own machines and wrote explanation texts for them. 


In Maths we learned how to make tally charts and bar charts, and used them to answer questions. We also collected data about our favourite things about snow.


In Topic we looked at different types of puppets, and made our own paper puppets to use in our own puppet shows. We also designed our own safari animal puppets to make out of fabric, and practised sewing using a needle and thread.



We learned and practised some basic Judo moves. It was a lot of fun wearing the Judo outfits too!


We had a taster cricket session, where we learned how to control a ball and bat. We really enjoyed it, and found that for this sport you really need good hand-eye co-ordination!




Image result for hansel and gretel anthony browne

We began to read traditional tales, and we retold the story of Hansel and Gretel. We also created our own news reports and filmed them in class.


In Maths we learned how to find a half, a quarter, a third and three quarters of numbers. Mrs. Coxon got a text from Santa, and we had to find the fractions to crack the code and find the sweets!


We completed our work on the safari in Kenya, reading maps and using North, South, East and West to describe position.

We had a great time meeting Rob from Zoolab and all of his little friends. We learned a lot about the minibeasts that  can be found in Africa.

Skipping Day!

We had a great time practising skipping. Some of us who could not skip before today even managed to master this tricky skill!

Image result for october

As part of our work on the Prince William award, we worked in pairs to make some beautiful Autumn pictures from leaves.

We read stories with familiar settings, and wrote our own stories about a lost toy, using lots of descriptive vocabulary.

In Maths we focused on place value, reading and writing numbers, and presenting them using tens and ones. We are so good at it that we are beginning to use this strategy when we add!

In Science we ordered the stages in the life cycles of humans, frogs and butterflies. We are becoming very good at using correct scientific words such as elderly, chrysalis and froglet.


Image result for july

Getting Ready For Year 3!

We have been getting ready for Year 3, sitting at our tables instead of sitting on the carpet, and working much more independently. All of the adults in our class have commented on how sensible and grown up we are. We also had our transition day, where we spent the morning in the Year 3 classroom and met our new teacher, Mr. Trewhella.  It was lovely getting to know him, and we are really looking forward to working with him and Miss Taylor.  We were also thrilled when we found out that Mrs. Williams will still be working with us some of the time! We are definitely ready for Year 3!

Athletics with Time Prendergast

Tim came to visit us one final time and did some relay activities with us. We had a great time, and really worked well together in teams!

Image result for june

Image result for healthy eating

We won this term's health points challenge!

As a reward for making healthy choices at lunchtimes we had a water party, with water balloons and super soakers! We particularly enjoyed trying to soak Mr. Anderson!


This month we visited Rainton Meadows. We had a brilliant time pond dipping and minibeast hunting. We learned lots of interesting things about animals and their habitats, and we were very excited when we found a water scorpion!
We had another visit this month from Tim Prendergast , the Olympian. He talked to us about trying our best and being resilient. Showing resilience means to keep trying and not give up, even when we find something difficult. We showed resilience when we did our part of the school marathon, each running two laps of the MUGA. Although some of us found it hard, we encouraged each other and never gave up!

Showing resilience

Image result for april

We learned about recycling and discovered how materials are recycled. We worked in groups to find objects which could be recycled together. The children are going to try and recycle more at home and look out for the recycling logo when they are out and about!



Image result for recycling

Recycling materials

Image result for february


In English we read a range of Preston Pig stories by Colin McNaughton. We wrote book reviews and shared our thoughts on the stories. We wrote letters to Mister Wolf telling him why he needed to stop trying to eat Preston, and we planned and wrote a new Preston Pig story.


In Maths we continued to practise multiplication and learned what the division symbol means. We used arrays to help us to multiply, divide and show the relationship between the two. We also solved problems using all four number operations, and began to use the inverse operation to check our answers.


In Science we recapped on materials we already know, and identified which objects in our classroom are made from these materials. We also began to think about the best material for a particular job, investigating which material would be best to use to make an umbrella for Preston Pig.