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Welcome to Year 4


Mr Mounsdon and Mrs Williams are very excited to be teaching Year 4 this year.


After beginning their Key Stage 2 journey in Year 3, we are really going to immerse children in upper school life and the exciting challenges it brings.


We will teach students to develop their independence, organisation and time management, continue learning deeply about mathematics, English and develop our reading skills. Our wider curriculum will continue to expand their knowledge and expertise across the national curriculum. 


In Year 4 we aim for your child to mature emotionally, socially and feel confident but, above all, enjoy their time in Year Four.




The School Day:

  • Children should arrive between 8:35 and 8:45 when registers will be taken promptly. If your child arrives after this time, they should enter via the main school office.
  • School finishes at 3:30pm Monday to Thursday and 2:15pm on a Friday.
  • Children wishing to be provided with a light snack at morning break should bring 50p to school every Monday.



P. E. is on Tuesday and Thursday. There may be other opportunities for sports and athletic activity during the school day so children should come to school in our 'active uniform' each day. 



  1. Reading books and reading records: Children should read each day for 10-15minutes and then their reading record signed by an adult. If children wish to complete reading quizzes at home they can do so by accessing Accelerated Reader online.
  2. TTRockstars: Children should practise timestables each day, for at least 5 minutes, on TTrockstars (see link below) 

  3. Mathletics: Children will have one or two activities to complete on mathletics each week. The activities will only be based upon what they have already learnt in school. 

  4. Spellings: Children bring home their blue spelling log book each day. In this book, they record spellings which they have been finding challenging at school. Please support your child in practising these spellings until they feel confident. Once they can spell a word, adults are asked to initial it in their log books to indicate that children can now spell it.


All children will have the user details for any websites required. If they have lost or misplaced them, please inform a member of staff immediately so we can replace them. They can access the activities by following the links below.


If there are any challenges to accessing online learning, please inform Mr Mounsdon or Mrs Williams and we will work with you to find a solution. 



It is a national expectation that all children know their timestables and corresponding division facts by the end of Year 4. To achieve that we will be really focussed on timestables this year. Children should primarily practice their timestables on TTRockstars because it has a structured approach, which ensures that children are not overloaded with learning new facts. However, should they wish to use other ways of learning them - such as other websites, practicing with adults/siblings, learning songs - we absolutely encourage that along side the daily practice on TTRockstars. 

Year 4 Newsletters

Year Four Curriculum

The Y4 curriculum can be found here: YEAR FOUR CURRICULUM

In the Autumn Term children have enjoyed engaging with The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish, by Neil Gaiman. It has inspired some amusing writing. 


Since half term, we have been exploring the book Varmints where a secret gardener tries to save the wilderness from skyscrapers, pollution and over-population.

We have also studied the challenging, heart-wrenching and inspiring  poem-book, The Undefeated, by Alexander Kwame. 


Since half term, we have been reading the fantastic fairy-tale with a twist, Zombierella, by Joseph Coelho.