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Year 5

This year, Mrs Myers will be teaching every morning and Mrs Ward will be teaching every afternoon, supported by Mr Buckner.



Important Information

The School Day:

  • Children should arrive between 8:45 and 8:55 when registers will be taken promptly. If your child arrives after this time, they should enter via the main school office.
  • School finishes at 3:30pm Monday to Thursday and 2:15pm on a Friday.
  • Children wishing to be provided with a light snack at morning break should bring 50p to school every Monday.



  • PE lessons will be taught by Mrs Jones every Thursday afternoon.
  • Children must come to school dressed in their PE kit and are not permitted to wear jewellery of any sort.



  • School reading books need to be read daily and the reading record signed by an adult. They will be checked every morning at school. If children wish to complete reading quizzes at home they can do so by accessing Accelerated Reader online.

  • Children are expected to practise their times tables daily by accessing TimesTableRockstars. 

  • Children will be set Maths homework tasks on Mathletics each Monday. These tasks will consolidate their learning from the previous week and must be completed by the following Monday when new tasks will be set.

  • Your child has been sent home their login details for each of these online learning tools. If they have lost or misplaced them, please inform a member of staff immediately so we can replace them. They can access the activities by following the links below.

Share our learning journey so far...


Academic Year 2021 - 2022

Year 5 Qualities


We have spent a great deal of time considering the most important qualities for a Year 5 pupil at Prince Bishops and we are delighted to announce that we have them by the bucketful...!




Our Class Novel

This term, our class novel is Cogheart by Peter Bunzl. 



When 13-year-old Lily's inventor father vanishes after a Zeppelin crash, Lily is determined to hunt down the truth behind his disappearance, helped by Robert, the local clockmaker's son, and her wily mechanical fox Malkin. 


Explore the text and its author further using the website link below:

We are already engrossed in the story and desperate to find out what has happened to Lily's father, John!


We have been fascinated by the mechanical characters we have met so far but have also been horrified by the way in which they have been treated by some of the humans in the story. We have designed our own mechanimals who each have their own unique personalities, characteristics and talents and we have reflected on this poignant quote from the text:


"Feelings and intuition, love and compassion, those are the things that make a soul, not blood and bones or machine parts."


Jasmine has enjoyed the story so much that she has bought her own copy and had it signed by the author!





Maths - Place Value

Our first unit of work this year focuses on understanding the value of numbers up to 1 million.  To begin, we recapped our Year 4 number skills by exploring how many different ways we could represent numbers with 4 and 5 digits. We then investigated what generalisations could be made when adding and subtracting 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s to these numbers.





In Year 5, we LOVE French!

We have spent our first few lessons recapping and extending useful language and investigating the differences between French and English sounds and spellings. We have also explored how familiar word and phrases can be combined in different ways  in order to understand and build simple, meaningful sentences. We have particularly enjoyed playing speaking and listening games with the days of the week and weather phrases.
















Academic Year 2020 - 2021

We have been busy planting vegetables for our school kitchen. So far, we have planted Brussel sprouts, cabbages, onions, runner beans, leeks, and tomatoes. We prepared the beds and added topsoil, then we planted the vegetables and sprinkled coffee grounds (kindly saved for us by Morrisons in Bishop Auckland) around the plants to deter slugs from enjoying a feast. Our next jobs are to build a frame and add netting to the beds to protect our plants further, and to add guttering to our greenhouse and shed to collect rainwater.

Class 5 have continued their local history study by looking at the artwork of a local mining artist, Tom McGuinness. With the help of Gemma Scott from The Auckland Project, they created drypoint etchings, recreating Tom’s artwork on perspex plates using an etching tool. After completing the etchings, Gemma showed the children how to add ink to the perplex plate, making sure every etched line was covered, and then how to remove any excess using a piece of cloth. Gemma then demonstrated how Tom used a printing press to transfer the etched images onto paper. We hope you like the results – Gemma was very impressed by their artwork, as well as their knowledge of Tom’s life and art and loved the drawings they had already completed. She said, “The children created some lovely artwork and asked some really pertinent questions during the object handling activity.”




Our current class novel is Cogheart by Peter Bunzl and we are gripped! 

To practise using all of our Year 5 writing skills, we retold the story so far as a first person account (in role as Lily - the main character). 


Year 5 held their own American election day to vote who should be the next president. They discussed issues such as gun laws, immigration, climate change and coronavirus and looked at the candidates back record. The final vote mirrored the actual results and saw Joe Biden win the vote by 28 votes to Donald Trump's 1.

Year 5 have been preparing our garden so that it is ready to plant new vegetables and bulbs in the spring.

Investigating levers.

Year 5 have been investigating how far from the fulcrum different forces (weights) need to be in order to balance the load. They transferred their results to a line graph to find a relationship between the force required and the distance from the fulcrum.

The Ten Plagues of Egypt.

In R.E., Year 5 have been learning about the Ten Plagues and how Moses led the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea. The class were very creative and wrote a rap to retell the story.

Who Let the Gods Out?


Our hilarious new class novel tells the story of Elliot who has so far succeeded in keeping his mum’s illness a secret. However, now the money is running out and things are getting desperate.

When a young Zodiac goddess, Virgo, lands in his back garden, Elliot thinks he might see a way to resolve some of his difficulties but, instead, the pair manage to accidentally release Thanatos (the immortal death daemon) from centuries of imprisonment.

With a wicked megalomaniac on the loose, Elliot and Virgo are out of their depth so must call on the help of Zeus and other long-retired gods to recapture the fugitive. But can they get to Thanatos before he gets to take over the world?


In our first few weeks back to school we have plunged into our class novel, writing diary entries, newspaper articles and letters based around Who Let the Gods Out? We've also conducted research into dementia (as this is the illness we think Elliot's mum is suffering) and shared our findings.

Reading books should be brought to school daily  and we would be grateful if you could read with your child each evening.

Reading records should be signed each time your child reads at home; once a reading record is complete, your child can come to school the following day in non-uniform 
Spellings will be sent out on a Friday and must be returned the following Friday ready for a spelling test.
P. E. is on a Monday and children should come to school dressed in their (weather appropriate) P.E. kit.

Home learning.

Here you will find work for children to complete at home. This section will be updated weekly with a new selection of work then the following Friday any answer sheets will be uploaded to allow children to self-mark.

The home learning grid is designed to give children a choice of topic-based tasks to be completed throughout the week.

If you have any questions, we are available through Facebook messenger and the school's e-mail.

Home Learning Week 7 answers

Easter Home Learning for Year 5.

We're sure you've been working hard to complete the tasks we have set so please relax over the Easter holidays; you deserve it! However, if you would like to stay busy there are plenty of activities on the Easter activity grid.

Have fun! Stay safe! And don't eat too much chocolate!

We are always busy with our school allotment. Nursery, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 5 are busy sowing seeds ready to plant in our allotment beds at the end of April. So far, we have planted Brussel Sprouts, Cucumbers, Butternut Squash, Peppers and two varieties of Tomatoes!


Mrs Dames, who works in our school, came into class to tell us what life was like living in South Africa during Apartheid. We learned about the inspirational figure, Nelson Mandela, and how he fought for freedom and a fairer society for everyone in South Africa. We watched this clip from the film Invictus, which showed us words are more powerful than violence ever could be:

Every Church should be an Eco Church!

Still image for this video
Reverend Purdy and his wife, Vanessa, very kindly came into school to talk to Class 5 and 6 about how the Bible teaches Christians to look after the environment. Reverend Purdy also told us about the projects they have been involved with in their work with Bishop Auckland Climate Action Group, including – making quilts for the homeless using recycled crisp packets and building projects involving Ecobricks.

World Book Day 2020 Reading Club

We love Science in Y5! The children were given a rice filled bottle and a pencil and challenged to lift the bottle using only the pencil. There was lots of bafflement and befuddlement before Jack asked if they could remove the lid...ask your child to find out what happened and which force was at work.

Music makers.


Still image for this video
Mrs Ward has been teaching Year 5 how to follow a conductor and how to compose music.

Learning about Islam.

Miss Majid, from our nursery class, came into Year 5 today to talk about how Islam is a religion that encourages environmental responsibility. 

She also spoke about the hijab she wears. We are very grateful to Miss Majid for her taking the time to answer our questions.

We have a published poet in our midst! Lily had this poem published in an anthology of poetry called 'MAYFLOWER BEYOND THE HORIZON 1620-2020'. Star struck!

We love working scientifically in Class 5. Here we are testing to see how weight impacts gravity and reversible and irreversible changes. We are scientists!

As part of the Junior Education Programme, Graham from Wildlife Awareness visited the Mini-Police to talk about protecting wildlife.


Still image for this video
We have been designing moon buggies for the next lunar mission. Mr Bowskill, our school STEM Ambassador, kindly brought in some models for the children to assemble and test. We raced our Moon buggies to see which design worked best. We found that the ones with the biggest wheels went the fastest.

Levers and Pulleys


Still image for this video
STEM Ambassador, Mr Bowskill, came into Class 5 to tell us about his work as an Explosives Engineer and Quarry Operations Manager, and to demonstrate the science behind using levers and pulleys. Mr Bowskill brought in a range of equipment for the children to construct and investigate. The children learned that by trying different ratios of pulleys (1:1, 1:2 and 1:4) they were able to increase the mechanical force and reduce the effort need to lift the load.

Lever and Pulleys

Still image for this video
STEM Ambassador, Mr Bowskill, came into Class 5 to tell us about his work as an Explosives Engineer and Quarry Operations Manager, and to demonstrate the science behind using levers and pulleys. Mr Bowskill brought in a range of equipment for the children to construct and investigate. The children learned that by trying different ratios of pulleys (1:1, 1:2 and 1:4) they were able to increase the mechanical force and reduce the effort need to lift the load.

The Big Question – Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Miss Craggs and Miss Boddy took over Year 5 on Monday, to host a debate about lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 years. The class looked at the issues facing young people in today’s society and debated reasons for and against doing so. They used their arguments to write and deliver a speech before holding a secret ballot. The result was 15 in support and 8 against.

Class 5 are becoming time zone experts! This term, they have been learning all about time zones around the world and how these are split into lines of longitude. Every day, the children locate two new countries in different continents on a globe and find the time, date and temperature, as well as identifying the hemisphere. They then compare this to the UK.

On Wednesday, as part of our ongoing work with the Auckland Project, Year 5 visited the Mining Art Gallery and Auckland Tower. The children studied the paintings in the gallery and asked interesting and intelligent questions about life down the mines. They then looked at coal miner artifacts and thought about how they might be used around the home and down the pit. Finally, the children had the opportunity to recreate their own etched artwork, using ink and a printing press in the style of local mining artist Tom McGuinness. As always, the children were a real credit to our school with several members of the Auckland Project staff commenting that ours was the best school visit so far!

Year 5 children harvested pumpkins from our school allotment, which they grew from seed, to make some delicious pumpkin soup. They then shared this with Year 2 and 6. The comments were very favourable! Watch this space for more home cooking using our own home grown produce.

Here is our Spring Newsletter

The Land of Neverendings

Our new book is a dazzling story about a world powered by imagination.  In 'The Land of Neverendings' we enter a world of silliness where humans and their toys live on long after they have left the Hard World...


We've just started reading this book put we can't wait to share with you the work we'll be doing around it.

Science activities

We explored the moon's phases with oreos then investigated weight and gravity by dropping balls into flour and coco powder.

Centre for Life trip.

We visited the planetarium, robot exhibition, science theatre and curiosity zone.


Shea said, "It was interesting to learn that Uranus lies on its side because scientists think something bumped into it."

"I really liked the actor robot because it could tell whether you were smiling and then gave a response!" exclaimed Josh.

We've started reading our thrilling class novel. The story is about a young girl whose dad goes missing. Can she persuade her new friends to help her find him?

An epic quest across wild Scottish highlands and islands begins, where friendships will be made and broken, lies will be untangled and the children will face danger and excitement at every turn…


We've already completed some fantastic written work based around the story so far. Take a look!


























Work by the wonderful Year 5 class of 2017-2018 

What we have been learning

As part of our PRIDE week celebrations in school we based our maths and English lessons on a relevant topic. In maths, we collected and analysed data about the different types of families within school and created line graphs using this data. In English, we looked at the different types of families and created our own recipes on what makes a family. 

Transition Day

As a class we were invited to attend a transition day at Greenfield Community College Sunnydale Campus to experience what comprehensive school is like. During our visit we experienced a range of curriculum subjects and activities which the children will never forget. We made slime in maths, held organs in science and bounced on trampolines. We thoroughly enjoyed our Greenfield experience and we look forward to visiting other local comprehensives in the coming weeks.


What we have been learning.


In anticipation of our World Book Day celebrations we have been looking at biographies in English. We have looked at the life and successes of Usain Bolt. The children have shown particular interest in topic this half term as we have focused on world countries and the Viking invasion of Britain.





As a class we were lucky enough to be selected for the Mini police programme. The club runs on a Tuesday night and helps to educate our children about appropriate social behaviour and how to be a responsible citizen. As mini police officers we have our own uniforms and in the near future we will be educating our peers about what it takes to be a responsible citizen. If you have any questions about extra-curricular opportunities please do not hesitate to ask. 

In P.E we have been creating our own gymnastic routines to a piece of music. We have looked at balances, travelling and how to effectively use the apparatus. We will perform our routines to Year 6.

Our gymnastics routine



As a school we celebrated Chinese New Year. We took part in a range of activities which focused on the story behind New Year, the symbols associated with New Year and the decorations used in celebrations.



Chinese New Year

Our work with Bowes Museum


Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle. We learnt about Josephine and John Bowes and more about their original home, Streatlam Castle. We created a coat of arms which is to be made out of glass. Our design represents us as a class.

You can find out more information by visiting the website. We look forward to working with Bowes Museum to complete our Arts Award.


Year 5 coat of arms



Year 5 were lucky enough to have a taster session of Judo, they loved it. If anyone would like further information of the clubs in Bishop Auckland or extra-curricular opportunities feel free to come into school and ask.

Prince William Award


As part of the Prince William Award, we invited parents into school to take part in activities which help to build confidence, teamwork and resilience. We would like to thank parents for their continued support.

Parents take part in Prince William Award

As a class we have been selected to take part in the Prince William Award. By participating, the children will be provided with opportunities outside of the classroom to develop; self-confidence, social skills, teamwork and decision-making abilities. 


Year 5 have already visited Bowes Museum (Barnard Castle) to visit The Clockwork Garden, which is an interactive exhibition. During the visit, we looked at art inspired by Fiona Banner and other artists. The pupils had the opportunity to create their own Typography.

Weekly Timetable

  • P.E every Monday morning and Thursday afternoon (Please bring in your P.E kit in on a Monday and leave at school all week). 
  • Reading books and reading journals to be brought in and took home daily. 
  • Homework to be handed in on a Monday.
  • Spelling test and timetables test on a Friday (New spellings and timetables given out on the same day.

Y5 Curriculum Map

To celebrate Safety Week, Year 5 and Year 6 have been working with Miss Errington and what first aid looks like in school. 

Week beginning 15th May 


In Maths, we have measured reflex angles. The children had to decide who had the 'perfect' dab. 


Week beginning 8th May


Our new book in English is Gangsta Granny. 

Image result for gangsta granny​​​​​​


On Thursday the children went to see Gangsta Granny at the Sunderland Empire Theatre with year 3 and 4. The children absolutely loved it! 


In maths we have been looking at Roman Numerals. We have learnt a useful mnemonic to help us remember what each letter is worth.








Image result for cows clipart




Week beginning 1st May


The children visited Greenfield Community Primary school for a curriculum day. They investigated who had kidnapped Perrie Edwards, finding clues in each lesson. 


Image result for greenfield school logo





The children had Nikki come into school on Thursday from the Prince William Award. She worked with us all morning and set us team building tasks. 

Related image


Our topic in English and Geography is Fairtrade.

In English, the children have created informative posters and written a persuasive letter to the kitchen persuading them to use Fairtrade products.

In Geography, the children have explored through the use of an Atlas and iPads where Fairtrade products come from. In detail the children have focused on South America and learned the countries within it. The children have looked at the production line of bananas, coffee and chocolate in detail, learning how much profit each person within the production line earns. 

Prime Numbers Rap Song Typography (Math)

Currently in maths we are learning about prime numbers. The children rehearsed and performed this rap to year 4 to teach them about prime numbers.



Image result for spring term



The books we are looking at this term are:

Image result for harry potter and the philosopher's stoneImage result for charlotte's web

Bowes Museum

We have been very lucky to have the opportunity to visit Bowes to take part in an art project. This project is in conjunction with artist Mark Clarke and author/illustrator Jessica Shepherd. The children were able to look around the exhibition and meet Jessica, the children had the opportunity to sketch and make prints of their sketches. Our final piece of work will be displayed in the gallery as part of the exhibition. More photographs of our visit to Bowes Museum to follow. 


We planned, designed, created and evaluated our own space buggies!

Curriculum Map

Below is a link to our curriculum map. Have a look at the different topics we will cover over the year. 


                                                                                   Image result for autumn term

We have read the following books as a class:

 Image result for the twitsImage result for the wreck of the zanzibarImage result for carol ann duffy poem books




In English we have written our own humorous animal poems using poetic features such as alliteration, repetition and rhyme. 
In Science, we have looked at Earth and Space as our topic. We have made our own mnemonic to remember the order of the planets, made fact files about planets and looked at the phases of the moon through the use of oreos. 
In Art, we have looked at shading using cross hatching through the use of chalk, charcoal, oil pastels and pencils. The children created a piece of art using a planet of their choice and also of the solar system. 
In Design and Technology, the children got to design and create their own moon buggy. The children had to think about the surface of the moon and what features would be best for their buggy.