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2K: 2011-2012


Welcome to 2K's page.  This year is an exciting one for 2K as it is their final year at Prince Bishops Community Primary School.  They will be covering many exciting new topics, enhancing their knowledge and skills in Literacy and Numeracy, completing the end of KS2 SATs and gaining skills for life. 

Summer Term

This term we will be working very hard towards our SATs which take place in May.  After the SATs we will continue to work hard in all subject areas and their will be a big focus on Literacy and Science.  We will still be focussing on lessons related to 'Interests and Hobbies' and have already planned a series of 'Murder Mystery' lessons that focus on comprehension, writing, numeracy, science and ICT.  This term we will also be looking closely at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics as these are both special events that will be celebrated across the school.  When we have time in our busy schedule we will, of course, find time to write and practice our leavers assembly as well as go visit our Secondary schools.  And, last but not least, we will be going on our end of Year 6 trip!!!!!

Spring Term

This term our topic is Hobbies and Interests and we are going to be taught Literacy, Numeracy,Science, Art, HIstory and ICT through topic areas of interest to us.

PE will be on a Tuesday Afternoon but it is advisable for your child to bring their PE kit on a Monday and take it home on a Friday as extra PE is often slotted in. 

Every Friday your child will bring spellings to learn home.  They will then be tested on these on a Thursday.  Please take the time to test your child and praise them for learning them. 
Autumn Term
This terms topic is Keen to be Green and we are going to be looking at world concerns of global warming, climate change, green issues & eco-footprints. We will use the WEEE Man sculpture as a stimulus, try the Good Life, consider food miles, then become Planet Protectors by recycling & spreading the green message!