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Murdery Mystery - According to Evidence: 2011-2012

Murdery Mystery - According to Evidence


We were given a scenario:

In the early hours of one Sunday morning Inspector Hawthorn was summoned to Laburnum Grange.  The owner, Mr Beech, had been shot dead in his home and a murder investigation began.  The inspector and his collegues made a thorough search and the police surgeon, Doctor Ash, examined the body and later gave instructions for tests to be carried out in the laboratory.

We had to read information that was provided and answer many questions - we needed to be sure we were going to get the correct person!

We looked at:

  • Floor plans and descriptions;
  • The suspects;
  • The events;
  • Scene of the Crime and
  • Doctor Ash's Report

We worked in groups to establish the murderer.

The work involved a number of skills including:

  • information processing
  • deduction and inference
  • logical thinking
  • analysis
  • synthesis(bringing all the information together and making something out of it)
  • a piece of writing taking account of the facts but allowing alternative explanations of the underlying motive. 

We discussed the idea of evidence 'beyone reasonable doubt'.